Outdated concrete manhole collapses, causing concern from neighbors

Neighbors initially believed it was a sinkhole.

Outdated concrete manhole collapses, causing concern from neighbors

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Over the course of a rainy weekend, neighbors feared a seven foot hole that looked like an active sinkhole to them.

“It’s so close to my house I was more concerned, I thought well I don’t know the extent of the sinkhole. It could come under my house or with the traffic up and down Lamesa road, the sinkhole could sink and the people could fall into the hole,” said, Berthal Dunson, a concerned neighbor.

After speaking with Carl Craigo, the City of Midland Utilities Director, he confirmed it wasn’t a sinkhole and neighbors have nothing to worry about.

“No not a sink hole, it’s just a concrete manhole. So there was a hole there, it was our seven foot manhole, but it just collapsed on itself,” said Craigo.

He explained concrete manholes are outdated and now fiber glass manholes are produced and used.

“Concrete inside manholes gets the gases in there, kind of eats up the concrete. So the bottom of it got scoured out and it collapsed the entire manhole.”

Craigo says the City of Midland’s next project is to find where these remaining concrete manholes are and get them replaced as soon as possible.

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