Morning Weather Update from, Meteorologist Dylan Smith

Happy Thursday! Today, we are looking for morning temperatures to be in the lower 40s and warm up into the mid to upper 60s by this afternoon. Starting this evening we are looking for a chance for showers and thunderstorm to be begin in the far western counties and higher elevations regions. These are expected to slowly start moving east during the overnight hours into the morning. Tomorrow, we are anticipating starting temperatures to be in the lower 50s and warm into the upper 60s again. We are looking for these storms and showers to continue moving east throughout the day. These storms/ showers are looking to occur anywhere east of the mountainous region with the worst of the storms likely to occur in the Permian Basin and norther Trans-Pecos in the afternoon and evening. The primary threat during this time is looking to be chances of small hail, gust winds, heavy rainfall, and some cloud to ground lightning strikes.

Once these storms begin to clear in the morning, we are looking for nice conditions on Saturday. On this day, we are looking for starting temperatures to be in the lower 50s and to warm into the mid 70s that after. The rest of the weekend is looking to be very nice with spring like conditions. This will continue through the beginning of the next week with high temperatures staying in the mid to upper 70s. Be sure you have your rain gear with you until this time and be careful driving over the next few days.

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