Midland resident overcomes anxiety using Ketamine treatment

FDA Drug Treatment For Depression

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - There is hope for people who face depression and their bodies resisting certain drugs.

Earlier this month, the FDA approved a new drug called Esketamine.

Esketamine is a nasal spray derived from Ketamine.

While the nasal spray form is new, Ketamine has been used as an anesthetic since the 1960′s.

A clinic in Midland, the Ketamine Clinic of West Texas, uses intravenous Ketamine for the treatment of mental health disorders and chronic pain management.

Around 6 months ago, Clarissa Doss’s husband desperately searched for a treatment that would help his wife overcome her mental health struggles.

“We were living in San Angelo and I was having massive, massive anxiety and panic attacks and other medical problems and we were just at our lowest... or I was at my lowest” said Doss.

The family eventually found their way to the Ketamine Clinic of West Texas.

After a consultation, they decided to give the new treatment a try.

Today, Doss’s children are able to enjoy their mom again due to the successful Ketamine treatment and is a cause for celebration.

“He (her husband) joked about Pre- Ketamin Clarissa and Post-Ketamine Clarissa." Doss said as she laughed. "My kids see their Mom not as upset... and Mom that’s not having such a hard time.”

When patients like Clarissa are seen at the facility for treatment, they are hooked up to a heart and blood pressure monitor in a dimly lit room.

The patient’s IV is then started, and the Ketamine begins to drip into their system.

“It was an almost instant complete peaceful feeling and I went to sleep...” said Doss.

The owner of the clinic says that Ketamine treatment can be right for a lot of different people.

“Its pretty broad. I have some folks who are on the milder scale of depression, but are mostly seeking treatment because they do not like the effects of traditional antidepressants; and then I have some folks that are severely debilitated by their diagnosis.” said Tammy Vaught, owner and clinician of the Ketamine Clinic of West Texas.

While the clinic will not currently be offering Esketamine at their clinic, as research continues the clinic will consider usage in its patient’s treatment plans based on effectiveness.

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