Racing pigeon sold for record high of over $1.4M

Belgium’s best racing pigeon, Armando, has been sold for a record 1,252,000 euros, or about $1,420,225.

Racing pigeon sold for record high of over $1.4M

A Chinese bidder set a new record Sunday for money spent on a racing pigeon: 1,252,000 euros, or about $1,420,225, according to PIPA, a Belgium-based website dedicated to the sport.

Two Chinese bidders were competing for Armando, described by PIPA as Belgium’s “best long distance bird of all time.”

The final bid is more than double the price of the previous record, 376,000 euro, according to PIPA.

Pigeon racing is a sport where trained birds race from released locations back to their home lofts, according to the Royal Pigeon Racing Association.