Morning Weather Update from, Meteorologist Dylan Smith

Good morning! The day is finally here. We should see some warmer temperatures starting today. This morning, expect temperatures to be in the upper 30s to lower 40s and warm up to around 70 degrees this afternoon. Tomorrow, this warming trend is likely to continue with warmer temperatures. That afternoon, we are expecting to be in the lower 70s and start in the mid 40s that morning. As we move into the evening hours, there is a chance for some rain showers for our eastern counties. During this time, there is also a chance for some small snow flurries for higher elevations around Van Horn and the Guadalupe Mountains as we anticipate a cold front to move through the area.

On Saturday morning, temperatures are going to be in the lower 40s, and we anticipate windy conditions throughout the day. Sunday, we will be starting much cooler with low temperatures in the mid 30s. Be sure you bundle up for that, but you shouldn’t need many layers by the afternoon. We are looking to warm up into the mid 60s by the afternoon.

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