Puppy found tied to pole and abandoned in freezing cold slowly recovering

Puppy recovering after being left tied to a pole in the freezing cold

MERIAM, KS (KMBC/CNN) - A puppy abandoned at a Kansas construction site in freezing temperatures continues to recover.

Two weeks ago, a construction worker found the puppy, named Ridge, tied to a pole and left in the cold.

"He could barely stand at that point. He was extremely cold,” said Ben Lancaster, the animal control officer who responded to the call.

Police believe he was there for hours, and neglected far longer.

But caretakers said curiosity and spunk are slowly returning to Ridge.

"He's doing incredibly well. We got him about two weeks ago and he has made some really great improvement,” said his foster caretaker, Michelle Taylor. “He's gaining weight and he's feeling like a million bucks."

According to Taylor, he’s gained six pounds since animal control rescued him.

"We're very fortunate that the officers found Ridge when they did,” she said. “I don't think he would have lived much longer with the condition that he was in."

Staff at the local SPCA branch helped rehabilitate Ridge physically.

Now they're working through emotional scars.

"He's had some real challenges for whatever he went through before the officers found him, and we're just working through those things,” Taylor said.

Despite a reward, police haven't gotten many helpful tips.

The focus, though, remains on doing what's best for Ridge.

"Get back on his feet and get into his forever home,” Taylor said.

The animal rights group PETA is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.

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