Wednesday Afternoon Weather Update

Happy hump day! No big changes to the forecast coming up. Today is cooler, as advertised, with highs on pace for the mid 50s for much of West Texas and SE New Mexico, the exception being the Big Bend region where some spots could get into the low 60s. Overnight, it will be chilly, but I don't think as many of us will get into the 20s tonight as winds have returned to a more comfortable southwesterly direction.

Tomorrow should warm up a few degrees from today's high. Our average for this time of year is 58, and most of us should be right around there in the afternoon. Winds will start to pickup again ahead of another dry cold front that will come through likely while we're at Family Science Night, which should make for a good time for you kids out there, tracking a cold front on the green screen. Unfortunately, this likely means another frigid morning on Friday with lows back into the 20s and even the teens for some of us.

Friday afternoon should see temperatures rebound a little quicker than they have today, with highs in to the mid to upper 50s. We’ll see increasing clouds on Saturday with the chance of some showers, especially to the south and east of Midland and Odessa. Clouds should keep us cool in the low 50s, but out west where clouds will be less likely, could warm to the upper 50s. Sunday into Monday we warm up to the 60s before another cold front comes Monday into Tuesday. While it looks dry, his could be the strongest cold front we’ve seen all year if current trends continue, which could put Midland and Odessa into the teens Tuesday morning. Stay tuned.

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