Sunday Evening Weather Update

Good evening, I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Some high clouds are moving through, but given that they're mostly thin clouds, and totality of the lunar eclipse lasts about an hour, we should all have some sort of vantage of the Super Blood Wolf Moon. Temperatures will range from the upper to low 40s for the duration of the eclipse. Chilly, but not as bad as folks to our north and east. For example, wind chills around Oklahoma City are in the low 20s right now.

Tomorrow will be a warm, dry day, which will really increase our fire danger in the afternoon. Winds of 15-30 MPH tomorrow with low relative humidity has prompted elevated fire danger for a good portion of West Texas. In the mountains and the plains to their east, fire danger will be critical or, in other words, level 2 out of 3. Avoid anything with an open flame outside, and don't do anything that would create sparks or embers. While driving, be sure to use an ashtray, and for anybody towing, make sure you're not dragging any chains.

Tuesday will still be breezy as a cold front slides through either late morning or early afternoon. Unlike this weekend’s front, it looks like cooler weather will be here to stay with highs staying in the low to upper 50s through Friday.

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