Evening Weather with Meteorologist, Anthony Franze

It was a cooler day today than the previous few as a cold front moved through West Texas last night, but that bright sunshine was able to help those temps reach the upper 50s for many of us. We are going to see those temperatures continue to increase over the next couple days as highs reach the mid 60s on Sunday, followed by the mid 70s on Monday. Some areas in the Trans Pecos could even hit the low 80s.

If you are planning on staying up late to witness the super blood wolf moon on Sunday night, we're looking at decent viewing conditions. There may be a few clouds in the area, especially in the northern Permian Basin, but we're not expecting fully overcast skies. You'll want to bring out the jacket, as temperatures will be in the 40s. The partial eclipse starts at 9:33pm Central while the total lunar eclipse starts at 10:41pm and ends at 11:43pm.

Like I mentioned earlier, Monday will be very warm, but a cold front is set to enter the region late Monday and early Tuesday, bringing high temps to near normal levels, in the 50s for much of next week. We are still looking at mostly sunny skies and very little chances of precipitation.

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