Friday Afternoon Weather Update

Happy Friday! We've made it to the end of the week, and the West Texas Winds decided to join the party. So far, we've seen a 48 MPH gust at Schlemeyer Field and 43 MPH at Midland International. Skies on the horizon are pretty milky because of the blowing dust, which we'll see continue into the night until the winds die down. One thing to keep an eye on is sea level pressure, which is still falling as of a few minutes ago as an area of low pressure makes its way across the Texas Panhandle. You can usually expect the strongest winds in the two or three hours after sea level pressure hits a minimum. Suffice to say, the wind isn't quite done, and we will continue to see gusts pushing 50 MPH until dinner time. We could see some light showers, mostly in the northern Permian Basin tonight, but rainfall amounts look very little, if anything.

The winds will gradually subside overnight, but remain breezy as a cold front slides through very early Saturday morning. Lows will bottom out in the mid 30s, but with the breezy winds it will feel colder. Fortunately, this system is moving very quickly to the east, which will allow high pressure to return late tomorrow into Sunday, so we should still see mid to upper 50s tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday into Monday, things look like a repeat of of the past few days: mid 60s on Sunday, 70s on Monday. The eclipse forecast is still holding strong. We could see some high clouds passing through, but since a lunar eclipse lasts for a few hours, everyone should get a chance to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon. Monday might be even warmer than the past few days with highs possibly getting into the mid 70s. Unfortunately, it looks like Monday will be at least another breezy day, the details still need sorting out. That said, with warm, dry weather and breezy conditions, that will elevate our fire danger once again.

Looking ahead, another cold front will come through sometime on Tuesday, and this time cooler temperatures look to stick around through the end of next week with highs only in the 50s.

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