Morning Weather Update from Meteorologist Dylan Smith

Happy Thursday everyone! We saw a beautiful blue sky day yesterday, this trend should continue for today as well. As we start off in the mid 40s this morning, then once again warm back up into the lower 70s as we get more sun during the day. Even though we will see similar conditions during the day tomorrow, all good things have to end sometime. As we progress into the late afternoon and evening hours on Friday winds will begin to strengthen across west Texas in anticipation for a cold front to pass through overnight.

During this time areas such as the Permian Basin, southeast New Mexico, and Guadalupe Mountains are likely to be under a wind advisory and could experience sustained winds up to 30 mph. At this time the greatest concern is for the Guadalupe Mountains who could receive winds speeds between 40-45 mph. Shower chances are around 20% for tomorrow night into the Saturday Morning across the area with a possibilities of some small snow flurries for counties in the northern Basin and southeast New Mexico. So bundle up and be careful if you are planning on be out tomorrow night.

After this front comes through conditions will begin to clear, but temperatures will stay chilly with high 30s in the morning and mid to lower 50s in the afternoon on Saturday. Without much cloud cover overnight, we will start our sunny Sunday off with cool temperatures in the lower 30s and warm up to the lower 60s in the afternoon. Don’t forget Mother Nature is putting on a show Sunday night with one of her world famous lunar eclipses. Conditions are gonna be cooler, but cloud cover is looking favorable for our area to get good sky views for that event.

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