Midland dog rescue, Bully Beds, seeks kennel permit from city council on January 8

Midland dog rescue, Bully Beds, seeks kennel permit from city council on January 8

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Midland City Council will hold a public hearing for the request of a specific use kennel permit from Bully Beds on January 7.

It’s part of the non-profit organization’s push to get into city compliance, after they were cited and given a 180 day deadline from the Midland Municipal Court back on August 8.

Midland dog rescue “Bully Beds” seeks kennel permit from city council on January 8

In December, Bully Beds was approved by Midland’s Planning and Zoning commission for their permit, but the decision ultimately comes down to city council.

During Midland’d planning and zoning several people spoke on behalf of Bully Beds, and several adjacent property owners spoke in opposition citing smell and noise complaints, which they feel lower property values.

Greg Clark, Bully Beds founder, say he knows his setup isn’t perfect but maintains he’s consistently working to improve it.

“Yes, things get messy around here, but i work every year to improve the facility for not just me, but my dogs,” said Clark.

City code only allows between five to eight dogs on a property without a kennel permit depending on whether the animals are neutered.

A kennel permit would allow Bully Beds to continue their operations with up to 50 dogs.

If the permit is not approved, Bully Beds could face fines of up to 500$/day for having an over population of animals.

City officials have told NewsWest 9 if the permit is not approved, there are no plans for a mass seizures of Clark’s dogs, but rather staff will work with other local rescues and shelter to try and find homes for the animals.

Though, Clark worries what will come of the dogs that he says no one wanted in the first place.

“We do not get the cream of the crop, we get abused animals, they have to be trained, vetted, and rehabilitated. It can take weeks, months, or even years,” said Clark.

The public hearing for Bully Beds is scheduled to take place some place after 10 a.m. during the city council meeting held on January 8.

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