Local pair of YouTubers feed homeless on Thanksgiving Day

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A local pair of YouTubers spent Thanksgiving Day feeding the homeless as part of their Give Joy, Get Joy Benefit.

In a 30 minute video that was uploaded to YouTube on Nov. 25, members of the Wurrrk Fam YouTube channel made their way through Lubbock passing out food, drinks, sleeping bags, and other items to those in need.

Content Creator Jay Jay Rosales says the lesson in this video is that giving can bring even more joy than receiving.

“That whole day was just perfect you know? Starting off your morning, waking up knowing that you have hot food ready for people who are appreciative, people that are thankful. Especially when you have so many people around this world who that are not, even when they have much more,” Rosales said.

C.J. Huff, the channel’s other content creator, said the gift of giving was the best gift he could ask for.

“The night before I only slept for a couple of hours cause I was just so excited. It kind of reminded me of being a kid on Christmas- you’re so eager to get up and get presents and then now as I’ve gotten older I’m more excited to give stuff and see the reactions that I get more than anything else,” Huff said.

But the video wasn’t about what Rosales and Huff were giving, it was about the smiles, the reactions, and the love they were receiving.

“I asked them in the video how does this make you feel when somebody comes out here and does this? They said it means the world to them and a lot of people don’t realize that. So by making the video, I just wanted to carry their story with me,” Rosales said.

Rosales and Huff hope that through the video they can share the stories of those they helped, as well as encourage others to join them on their next Give Joy, Get Joy Benefit.

To view their YouTube channel click here.

To watch the full video of their Give Joy, Get Joy Benefit on Thanksgiving Day click here.

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