23-year-old Littlefield woman trying to find third kidney donor

LITTLEFIELD, TX (KCBD) - Mandi Arce has been through more than most in her 23 years. In fact, she’s been going through peritoneal dialysis since the age of 12 and is now looking for a new kidney.

The Arce family was first introduced during the KCBD NewsChannel 11 Community Coverage Tour in Littlefield in 2014. They were thrilled that a father-daughter kidney transplant would keep this family together, but now, that kidney is failing and the Arces are again looking for a miracle.


It started when Mandi was diagnosed when she was six-months-old with what is called horseshoe kidney.

“Its basically a horseshoe shaped kidney so my family knew I’d need a transplant when I got older not as soon as when it happened,” Mandi said.

Normal Kidney vs Horseshoe Kidney
Normal Kidney vs Horseshoe Kidney (kcbd)

The first miracle came when she received a kidney transplant when she was 15-years-old, but it didn’t end up how she hoped.

“The first one only lasted 24 hours and it was a lot for my family,” Mandi said.

The second miracle came when Mandi's father stepped up to give her his kidney.

“He gave me one in October 2014. That was my second transplant,” she said.


Mandi was grateful for her father’s sacrifice, but she never expected what was to come. Last year, her body began rejecting the kidney.

“It affected us a little more than I thought it would especially for me and my dad," she said. “That’s one thing he really wanted to do and it was just a shock.”

She never let it discourage her.

“A transplantation is just another form of treatment. Its not a cure, its something you’ll have to deal with it for the rest of your life and I choose to be more positive about it,” she said.

As the process starts over, she's looking forward to her third miracle and grateful for the support of her family and friends behind her.

“Its a lot. Its confusing, its frustrating, it makes me want to pull my hair out most of the time, but again I wouldn’t be who I am without it,” Mandi said.

More family and friends are coming forward now to be tested to see if they can help the 23-year-old with a third kidney transplant. Meanwhile, there are 93,000 people on that kidney transplant waiting list according to the United Network of Organ Sharing and all those families are hoping that more people will answer the call and become a living donor.

For more information on how to help Mandi, click here.

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