Trucking official calls out Midland City Council

Trucking official calls out Midland City Council
No truck parking sign

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The President of a coalition that advocates on behalf of truck driver right’s has lashed out at the Midland City Council.

James Lamb, the President of the Small business in Transportation Coalition says the ordinances Midland Officials have passed in recent months neglect the needs of truck drivers.

“We contend that illegal truck parking is not the problem it is a symptom of the problem and that the real problem is that Midland has failed to provide legal, safe parking for truck drivers,” said Lamb.

The two recently passed ordinances of contention make private parking violations and commercial vehicles driving on non-truck roads offenses that can carry up to $500 fines.

Trucking official calls out Midland City Council

Lamb says his organization was also disturbed by comments made by Councilman J.Ross Lacy that called trucks parking in a Wal-Mart parking lot that had “no parking” signage a “disgusting trend.”

“Basically what were seeing here is evidence that there a sentiment within the city specifically city council that there seems to be derogatorily referencing truck drivers,” said Lamb.

Though the city of Midland’s Mayor Jerry Morales disagrees with that sentiment.

“We’re not against the truckers, and even though a Councilman made a comment that is not in line with the rest of us which is fine, what we’re saying is we’ve put these things in place to protect our property owners,” said Morales.

Morales also has said that he understands truck driver frustration, but contends that solution to the problem shouldn’t be founded in city government.

“The solution is the trucking companies, we would work with them if they would buy the land and build facilities to house these trucks, and figure out a way to Uber these drivers into to town and their homes. So there is a solution but it is not the responsibility of taxpayers to be footing this bill,” said Morales.

Though Lamb believes a city that is so reliant on the trucking industry should be the ones to accommodate its workers.

“We’re not calling for any boycotts or anything like that, but we can’t help how truck drivers will react when we point the finger at what’s going on here and we spotlight what’s going on. You know they may cause them to think reconsider trips to Midland and take loads elsewhere,” said Lamb.

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