TRAFFIC ALERT: Sign changes on Loop 250

TRAFFIC ALERT: Sign changes on Loop 250

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Motorists will see a change in signage on the frontage roads of Loop 250 starting Tuesday.

The Texas Department of Transportation reminds the public, sign replacements may take the rest of the week, depending on weather.

Crews will remove YIELD signs on the frontage roads in advance of main lane exit ramps. In their place will be signs that say DO NOT CROSS DOUBLE WHITE LINE.

Striping on frontage roads has already been changed to narrow frontage road traffic to one lane. This leaves one lane available for traffic exiting the main lanes and one lane for the frontage road traffic.

It is important to note that it is illegal to cross a double white line. Illegally crossing a double white lane can cause sideswipe crashes in this new configuration. All traffic should wait to merge until after the double white lines end.

“This change is being done to improve traffic flow. It is imperative that drivers follow the rules of the road to make sure this change is a safe one for everyone,” Odessa District Engineer John Speed said.

State law requires frontage roads to yield to main lane traffic. By separating the traffic to one lane each, this change improves traffic flow on the frontage road and gives exiting traffic a lane unto itself.

Crews plan to spend all day Tuesday placing the new signs. Work will continue the rest of the week until completed by Friday. Pavement markings, as noted above, have been in place for some time.

For more information, contact Gene Powell at or (432) 498-4746.

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