Odessa man falls into coma, wakes up with new outlook on life

Odessa man falls into coma, wakes up with new outlook on life
Pete Ramon working out at Mission Fitness

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - For Pete Ramon working out at the gym has become a blessing.

That’s because it wasn’t more than a few months ago that he wasn’t sure he would ever be able to exercise again, or even live to see the end of the year.

“I got Ketoacidosis on January the first, I was hospitalized and went into a diabetic coma for like two and a half weeks,” said Ramon speaking to me at the Medical Center Hospital.

Ketoacidosis is a life threatening complication of diabetes and occurs when the body cant produce enough insulin resulting in high of levels of blood acids called ketones.

“It starts shutting down your organs, my kidneys started shutting down first, it was so painful that I passed out,” said Ramon.

More than 2 weeks later when Ramon finally woke up in his hospital bed at the medical center hospital. His muscles had depleted so much. He no longer had motor function in nearly his entire body.

“When I woke up I could only move my right arm,” said Ramon.

Doctors told Ramon he could recover, but he would need to make changes to the lifestyle that landed him in the hospital in the first place.

“It was just like a routine, get off work, go home, drink, take a shower, go to sleep, go to work, get some beer, drink and I started getting worse and worse drinking like a 12 pack,” said Ramon.

Ramon admits starting the road to recovery was rough, after spending days in bed unable to eat or find the energy to move. Ramon says he got a sign from a higher power.

“God give me sign what do I do, and my boss came into my head I called him and I said can you come get me, and he brought me to work, and said I want you to come so you can be around people you know,” said Ramon

Ramon had worked for three years at the Odessa country club before getting sick, and he says being around his friends and colleague is what gave him the strength to start making changes.

“I continued going to church and living healthy and talking to people that are struggling with alcohol, telling them not to give up and that they can call me if they need to talk and stuff like that just trying to live a better life,” said Ramon.

Soon after Ramon was able to start therapy at the Medical Center Hospital’s Mission Health facility. There he convinced trainers of his will to get better.

“he was kind of hesitant to participate with therapy but you can tell he was pushing himself,” said Venus Ong, one of the therapists that have trained Ramon for the last 6 months.

Despite starting in a wheelchair, Ramon worked through a sweat to a state of recovery while setting a goal for himself - to be able to walk to his son’s graduation.

Amazingly after just a few months he was able to accomplish that goal.

Now Ramon says he just wants others to learn from him and be proactive in their health, so others can avoid ending up in the same situation he went through.

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