‘Fear of everything’ most searched fear in Texas

‘Fear of everything’ most searched fear in Texas
United States' biggest fears (Source: YourLocalSecurity.com)

(KWES) - Most people have their fair share of fears, but which fears are the most searched online? Your Local Security has released a report revealing the most searched phobias.

According to the report, the two most searched for phobias were the fear of people and the fear of spiders. Both came out top in 11 states, with people winning in Arizona, Nebraska and South Carolina and spiders reigning in Idaho, Oklahoma and Maine.

Texas was the only state to come out on top with “panophobia”. This is the fear of everything or a “generalized, lingering fear that something bad is about to happen”.

North Dakota and Wyoming residence are apparently fearless, as neither state came out with a most-searched fear.

Other notable top fears include the fear of love (Kansas), the fear of sleep (Florida) and the fear of success (California).

To see the full list of fears and read the entire report you can click here.

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